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Report Cites Threat of Cyberterrorism

In a report titled "Essential Steps to Strengthen America's Cyber Terrorism Preparedness," the Business Roundtable says that the U.S. "is not sufficiently prepared for a major attack ... that would lead to disruption of large parts of the Internet." The report identifies three "cyber gaps": the lack of "tripwires" to indicate that an attack is under way, a failure to clearly identify who is responsible for restoring the infrastructure and a lack of resources for doing the same. The report's several recommendations are divided between the government and the private sector.

Contractor Faces Sabotage Charge

Richard F. Sylvestre has been charged with gaining unauthorized access to a government national defense computer and allegedly putting malicious software on computers at the U.S. Navy's European Planning and Operations Command Center in Naples, Italy. Sylvestre owns Ares Systems International Corp., which has done contract work for the Navy. He was allegedly angry that his bid for another project was not accepted. The infection could have brought down the network, which is used to track submarine and ship locations.

BPO Employee Arrested in India

Police in Bangalore, India, have reportedly arrested an employee of an HSBC Bank PLC data processing center. Nadeem Kashmiri allegedly supplied others with information that allowed them to steal $426,000 from the accounts of HSBC customers.


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