Acknowledging Gore as Internet Visionary

In covering "The Top 10 IT Developments of the Past 20 Years" on May 22, you state, "Fortunately, Computerworld never ran a story with the headline 'Al Gore Invents Internet.' "

Contrary to George Bush's Luddites, Gore never claimed he invented the Internet. In a March 9, 1999, interview with Wolf Blitzer during CNN's Late Edition show, Gore specifically said, "I took the initiative in creating the Internet." In 1976, Rep. Gore initiated legislation for construction of a "data highway." In 1986, Sen. Gore's Supercomputer Network Study Act called for mapping public information needs onto university and government networks, laying the foundation for the public Internet.

Gore's 1991 article for Scientific American described his vision for the Internet as a mass-media communication tool while Bill Gates was still touting CD-ROM. Gore's visionary efforts were key to creating the Internet.

Stop perpetuating myths created by the same people who claimed WMDs were in Iraq and start paying homage to a man of rare integrity who truly was instrumental in the creation of the Internet.

Bruce Stenman

Lightsmith Inc.
Prunedale, Calif.

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