Not the Answers We Needed

After four months on the job, this pilot fish checks his laptop’s patch history and discovers it hasn’t been updated since two days before he was hired. “There were 21 ‘critical’ outstanding patches,” says fish. “I checked a colleague’s laptop — similar story, but she started 10 months ago.” Fish asks IT support manager about the patching policy and is told all PCs are automatically updated overnight via the network. “I replied by pointing out that we’re liable to disciplinary action if our laptops aren’t locked away overnight,” grumbles fish. “I have yet to receive a reply. One day, I’ll check out my longest-serving colleague’s laptop. She’s had hers for over two years.”

Personal Touch

This IT shop starts using a new online upgrade process with a vendor, and everything runs smoothly for months. But then there’s a major snag, and a pilot fish has to dial the toll-free support number. Says fish, “After listening to my explanation of our problem, the tech asked, ‘Can you type that up in an e-mail and send it to us, please?’ He told me the e-mail address, and I sent the message. But I found the whole thing odd. Apparently, the only purpose of the help desk phone is to hand out that e-mail address.”

Pass It Back

Frustrated IT pilot fish is fed up with the large number of passwords he has to keep track of — one for each major system, and all different. But he remembers that his company had a single-sign-on initiative just a few years before. “What ever happened to that?” he asks, using a Web page that lets employees anonymously send questions to management. “A few days later, I receive a call from a sub­honcho in IT,” fish reports. “The subhoncho references an anonymous submittal regarding password requirements and wants my opinion and advice on answering the question!”

Pass It On

New hire at this big company sends an e-mail to IT: “I am not sure which IT services organization this question should be directed to, but please forward the message if it is not yours. I am a new employee, and the person I replaced formerly had a printer. When I moved in, the printer and the computer were gone. Since I have a computer, I still need the printer to be returned, please.” Sighs a pilot fish who got the message, “This was sent to well over a thousand people across the globe, ranging from help desk technicians to server engineers to IT executives. Yeah, sure, I’ll start looking for your printer.... ”

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