Executive Decisions

These IT staffers spend after-work time on old-fashioned role-playing games. “The type where you use paper, pencil and a bunch of different-sided dice,” explains a pilot fish in the group. “One day, a manager from another department burst in and demanded to know when we would have a project done. We didn’t know what he was talking about, but he refused to go away until one of us rolled a 12-sided die for the month and a 30-sider for the day and told him it would be done on June 12. I then asked if he wanted to roll for the year. He stormed off in a huff. An hour later, our VP came down to say he was doing next year’s schedule and wanted to borrow some dice.”

Not So Fast!

IT pilot fish sees his boss using the fax machine — not such a common occurrence. Then, a few minutes later, he’s back, faxing again. Fortunately, the boss stops by fish’s desk to share. Turns out he had a small and easily accomplished piece of a project for corporate. “Having completed his task, he sent off the signed acknowledgement form and went about his business,” says fish. “He then received an e-mail from the project manager requesting that he resubmit the status document — and this time, future-date it, please, so that the other people on the project don’t appear to be slacking.”

That Would Help

High-powered consultant goes to work at this organization on some special deep-thinking projects. “On her first day, we set her up with a new laptop, docking station and large monitor,” reports IT director pilot fish. “On her second day, she came into my office saying she was having connection problems. Would I come take look? I went to her office, and all that was there was the docking station and monitor. I asked, ‘Where’s your laptop?’ She said, ‘At home. Oh, you mean I have to bring it back in to work in here?’ Yeah, I’m sure we’ll get our money’s worth out of her.”

Dial ‘I’ for ID

Exec complains to pilot fish that people at work are ducking his phone calls. “I figured he must be calling one of the few people who have the new phones with Caller ID,” says fish. “I told him to dial 9 for an outside line, then dial the number and see if they answered. Our Caller ID doesn’t work for calls from an outside line.” Two days later, fish gets a memo: It’s now against company policy to use an outside line to make an intraoffice call. Sighs fish, “It never dawned on me until then that the only people with Caller ID displays on their phones are the top brass!”

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