Five Stages of Analytic Competition

  1. Analytically impaired: The organization is flying blind and reactive. Its plagued by missing or poor-quality data, multiple definitions of data and poorly integrated systems.
  2. Localized analytics: Analytic efforts are isolated, opportunistic and function-specific. The organization collects transaction data efficiently but often lacks the right data for better decision-making.
  3. Analytical aspirations: Executives make a commitment to broader use of analytics. The organization has a proliferation of business intelligence tools and data marts, but most data remains unintegrated, nonstandardized and inaccessible.
  4. Analytical companies: The organization begins to develop an enterprisewide analytics capability, which is viewed as a corporate priority. The organization has high-quality data, an enterprisewide analytical plan, IT processes and governance principles, and some embedded or automated analytics.
  5. Analytical competitors: The organization is routinely reaping big benefits from its enterprisewide analytics capability and focuses on making that business advantage renewable. The organization has a full-fledged analytic architecture that is enterprisewide, fully automated and integrated into processes.

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