New Rules

In the course of a recent study on women in IT, Women in Technology International and Compel Ltd., a management consulting and research firm, spoke with 16 women CIOs about their career tracks. Because of the similarity among these womens experiences, the authors summarized seven lessons learned that apply to women who wish to further their careers in IT.

1. Expand your frame of reference. Get technology experience in a variety of areas, such as sales, consulting, customer service and operations.

2. Work for standouts. Work with name-brand companies or on important, high-impact projects.

3. Choose projects with weight. Dont work solely in support roles or the people aspects of projects. Work on at least one project that is operationally oriented.

4. Speak clearly and with integrity. On risky or troubled projects, break through political correctness and be forthright.

5. Soften the edges. Be hard-charging and results-oriented, but also develop people skills and a relationship orientation.

6. Raise your own flag. Publicize your teams successes.

7. Reflect. Assess your leadership qualities, style, values and what you want your career to look like.


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