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Meanwhile, Stålhammar's colleagues in other departments have expressed interest in the QlikView system but, he says, "the doctors in Sweden have been remarkably slow to adopt this new technology."

There is some movement, however. Dr. Peter Nyberg, chief of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, is following Stålhammar's example and using QlikView to analyze patient data to improve care.

"My interest is to get quick and reliable analysis from a quality system," Nyberg says, explaining that in the past, there have been challenges in connecting the different hospital databases and getting useful analysis from them.

Despite those earlier challenges, Nyberg decided to try QlikView based on Stålhammar's experience.

"Why should hospital personnel take hours or weeks [finding that data]? What they really want is to have the results," Nyberg says.

Boris Evelson, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc., says he's not surprised by the doctors' use of QlikView. BI tools are reaching into every market segment, Evelson says, because they not only help improve productivity and efficiency, but also help organizations to remain competitive.

"Business intelligence is definitely exploding in every market segment," he says, "because intelligence is the main competitive differentiator these days."

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