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Cell tower damage in Katrina's wake left many people disconnected. The casino's plans now call for a specified meeting place for decision-makers.

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Preparing for the next disaster has also entailed setting new target recovery times. "Our primary goal was to reduce backup windows by performing disk-to-disk backups followed by copies to tape," says Weir. "We now use an off-site storage facility that picks up our tapes daily for secure storage.

"In making these changes, we drastically reduced our backup window and can now back up approximately 50 servers with over 2TB of data in a few hours," he added. That's a vast improvement over the 68 hours it once took the Hard Rock to complete backups.

The Hard Rock achieved those goals with the help of storage-area networking software from EqualLogic Inc., which was recently acquired by Dell Inc. The company now uses EqualLogic's PS Series SAN array, as well as data management software from CommVault Systems Inc. Those systems host applications like Oracle Corp.'s People­Soft financial software.

"Our disaster recovery objectives are well defined," says Murphy. "Our primary systems that must be recovered include financial, payroll and human resources. Recovery times for these systems are critical. If we were to have a complete loss, we now anticipate recovery times to be in the 10-to-12-day range. This would include the time it would take to order new equipment and have it shipped."

Although Katrina prompted the Hard Rock to take an even deeper look at disaster recovery, Murphy emphasizes the company's determination to look forward. "Simply put, it is just time to move on," he says. "However, it is important that we remember the lessons learned during the storm, so that we may be better prepared next time."

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