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Teleconferencing paired with medical diagnostic equipment helps save children's lives worldwide.

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And even in the cases where the patients died, "the consultation had a positive impact," Ter-Voskanyan says, because the exchange of information helped the Armenian doctors learn how to deal with similar cases in the future.

At the request of the Armenian medical community, MMC also implemented an online environment for continuing education, and it now records and publishes lectures through a portal it hosts and makes those available to Armenia's pediatric health care professionals.

Riehl says that the system's underlying technology is from Accordent Technologies Inc., which donated about half of the tools needed.

"We have always first identified the technology providers that offered the goods and services that best met our needs and then attempted to build a philanthropic partnership with them," Riehl explains.

In addition to using Accordent equipment for its education portal, MMC uses products from Intelsat Ltd. for its satellite broadcast technology and tools from LHS Productions Inc. for its video library and broadcast scheduling setup.

MMC also has had a partnership with Polycom since 2001, when the Pleasanton, Calif.-based vendor named MMC a winner in a contest for innovative use of its videoconferencing equipment. Since then, Polycom has donated money and equipment to MMC.

Says Polycom Chairman and CEO Robert Hagerty, "It's the ultimate example of telemedicine at its finest."

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