VMware Shows Off New Cloud Computing Initiative

LAS VEGAS -- VMware Inc. last week took a big step in its effort to show IT managers that every business can follow Google's example and run a highly efficient and automated data center that operates like a living organism.

At its VMworld conference here, the company unveiled a new cloud computing initiative, called vCloud, along with its Virtual Datacenter Operating System for managing a computing cloud's underlying servers, storage and network systems.

VMware said vCloud will let IT managers tap into the resources of third-party providers of hosted systems in the same way they access applications on internal servers.

In his keynote address, VMware CEO Paul Maritz said, "We are going to see the traditional operating system deconstructed and made more customized and relevant to the particular application framework."

The former Microsoft Corp. executive added that "by and large, people are no longer writing traditional Windows applications. [They] are increasingly looking at different ways of writing and provisioning applications." Maritz didn't say how this would affect Windows.

Joe DiMeo, a systems architect at New York University, said VMware's push into cloud computing isn't surprising, given Microsoft's recent virtualization moves. "I think it's the only way [VMware is] going survive," he said.

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