No. 71 Best Place to Work in IT: FedEx Corp.

Education is the foundation of employee development and loyalty.

Computerworld's 100 Best Places to Work in IT

When Barbara McClatchey started working at FedEx, she was moving packages during the night shift to help put herself through college. Now, 29 years later, McClatchey is a senior systems analyst at the Memphis-based package-delivery company -- and an example of what can happen when an employee's drive is paired with the company's keen focus on education and training.

When she moved from the shipping department into IT in the late 1980s, McClatchey was working on a mainframe. Over time, and with the company's support and training, she learned a host of new technologies as they became available.

McClatchey is now working on a language translation software project that has her learning a whole new area of FedEx's global operations. "It might not be new technology, but it's a new aspect of the business, which I find fascinating," she says. "You can make this an ongoing education if you choose to."

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