iPad 2 Provokes Anxiety in IT

IT executives worry that corporate workers adopting the new consumer technology will expect support right away.

As consumers and business users flocked to buy the new iPad 2 earlier this month, some IT executives were cringing.

Apple's latest tablet is faster, thinner and lighter than its predecessor -- and includes two cameras and other new features and apps that IT managers say will lure many corporate workers to use it in their jobs.

Thus IT personnel know they will have to devote significant time to supporting yet another popular consumer device.

"I have coined this 'the tyranny of consumerization,'" said Dave Codack, vice president of employee technology and network services at TD Bank Financial Group. "The enterprise is not dictating technology with these devices; the revolt is coming from the end-user community."

Codack's group, which supports some 81,000 workers, is already testing the original iPad device for various business uses while laying plans to test the iPad 2 and the soon-to-ship BlackBerry PlayBook tablet from Research In Motion.

Codack says he's no Luddite and notes that TD Bank's IT staffers "seem to be excited" about the iPad 2's new dual camera, dual processor and improved graphics.

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