Chicago School Adds Predictive Analytics Center

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Chicago's DePaul University has introduced a graduate degree program in predictive analytics, a fast-growing technology used in fields such as marketing, health care and urban planning.

"Predictive analytical skills are in high demand" in all areas of business, said Suzanne Fogel, chairwoman of DePaul's department of marketing. Predictive analytics use data-mining techniques to build models that make predictions about future behavior. For example, organizations use predictive analytics tools to analyze customer churn and the impact of social media on consumer buying habits, Fogel said.

"We realized that no one offers this kind of business-focused predictive analytics program," she said. "There are some business intelligence degrees, but there is no degree in predictive analytics."

The program, which starts in September, will be offered through the university's new Center for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics.

The center includes faculty from DePaul's computing and marketing departments. IBM will support the program by providing predictive analytics software, data sets and guest lecturers.

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