Word 2007 Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Word 2007's new interface is likely to confound veteran Word users. Here's everything you need to know to make the switch.

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Live Preview

If you often change formatting in your documents and text, you'll welcome the new Live Preview feature.

Live Preview

Get a preview of style changes with Live Preview.

Click to view larger image.

Highlight the text or area of a document you want to change. Then, on the Ribbon, move your cursor over the format you want to apply. The text you highlighted will change so that you can see how it will look with the new formatting.

Move the cursor away to revert to the original formatting, or move it over a different format to preview different formatting. When you find formatting you want to apply, click it.

For example, if you are considering changing the font size of 10-point text, highlight the text. On the Home tab of the Ribbon, click the font size drop-down menu and hover your mouse over the text size you're considering changing the text to. You'll see the text in the new size. You can choose that text size by clicking it, preview other sizes or leave the text as is.

Blogging Support

Does your grandmother have her own blog? If she doesn't, she will soon. Word 2007 recognizes that everyone and their pets blog these days, so it includes a set of tools for creating blog entries and then posting them to your blog. Open a document, click the Office Button and choose Publish > Blog. A screen appears, asking you to register information about your blog account.

Choose "Register Now" to enter information, including where your blog is posted, along with your username and password, so that you'll be able to post entries from directly within Word. If you don't want to register and you want to first create a post, choose Register Later.

writing a blog in Word
You can write and post blogs from directly within Word 2007.

At the top of your screen, you'll see an [Enter Post Title] field for filling in the title of your post. The Ribbon will also display a Blog Post group, with buttons for publishing your post, managing your blog accounts and performing similar blogging-related tasks.

More Help

If you follow the advice in this article, you'll go a long way toward getting familiar with Word 2007. For more tips and help on Word 2007, head to Microsoft's Word 2007 site. And IT folks shouldn't miss our story Real-world advice about Office 2007 deployment.

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