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IT's winning (and losing) job titles

In the intense new battle for IT jobs, those with multiple skills and broad knowledge of technologies will prevail.

7 key skills new IT grads are lacking

New tech graduates are smart, their IT managers say, but they still need coaching in these crucial areas.

Talent wars: Are your IT staffers being poached?

Competitors -- and now cloud providers -- are poaching your best IT staffers and job candidates.

9 hot IT skills for 2012

IT hiring ticks up for the third straight year, and IT pros with programming skills will be first in line for jobs.

7 key skills new IT grads are lacking

New tech graduates are smart, their IT managers say, but they still need coaching in these crucial areas.

BI specialists are in short supply

Demand for tech workers with that rare blend of analytics and business skills is on the rise. How companies are coping with the talent.

Open source's people problem

Projects are multiplying, yet a shortage of in-house skills could slow them down.

Should You Get an MBA?

It takes a monumental commitment, both financially and personally, but an MBA could be the fastest ticket to business proficiency.

IT Careers 2020

Cloud computing will extinguish the traditional IT department in the next 10 years. In this new order, it will be the IT-savvy business experts who thrive.

Grow your own CIO

Internal leadership training programs nurture up-and-coming leaders while keeping the problem-solving in-house.

IT Education on a Budget

Community colleges are bursting at the seams, as students clamor for the adaptive, skills-driven education these schools offer -- all at rock-bottom prices.

Clash of the Generations

A twist of fate has technology vets and fresh talent vying for the same jobs. Read how IT managers are struggling with some tough hiring choices.

Book Review: How to Become a Top-tier CIO

The authors of The Real Business of IT show how CIOs can demonstrate and communicate the value of IT in terms the CEO will understand.

The Value of Executive Support Networks

Laid off? An IT support network can help you get back on your feet.

Schmoozing 101: Tips for Shy Techies

Too shy to network? Here are low-key ways to build relationships and boost your IT career.

What It Takes to Get Hired

The seven common mistakes IT professionals make during the application process, and how to avoid them.

Eight Ways to Boost Your Career

The world will be changing around you faster than ever this year. Here are eight steps to stay in charge of your own career.

The Remote Worker’s Survival Guide

Here’s a survival guide from successful IT professionals who have continuously advanced their careers while working far from the corporate homeland.

The Wide-Ranging CIO

The CIO's realm of responsibility and influence is expanding well beyond traditional IT boundaries.

Five Lessons in Leadership

We asked CIOs at five major organizations to share their most important leadership lessons. Here's what they told us.

Noel Tichy: A Leader on Leadership

A lot of leadership advice is too high-minded to be readily applied. But not the advice of Noel Tichy, former head of General Electric Co.'s famed Crotonville leadership development center and a professor of organization and management at the University of Michigan.

Required Reading for IT Leaders

A famously challenging book list is central to SIM's legendary Regional Leadership Forums.

Stepping Up to CIO

Moving up to the top IT post in your company is a tough transition. Here's how five recently promoted CIOs handled it.

On Message: Communication for CIOs

Most CIOs -- and CEOs -- don't know what bad leaders they are, says author John Hamm. But they can improve their leadership skills dramatically by delivering clear messages in five crucial areas.

Toughest Tasks, Lessons Learned

Systems fail. Employees burn out. Vendors disappoint. But it's those tough times that teach you how to lead. Five Fortune 500 IT executives share what they learned from the most challenging experiences of their careers.


Ask a Premier 100 IT Leader

Each month, a Premier 100 IT Leader alumnus answers readers' questions about their careers and management issues. Send your questions to askaleader@computerworld.com.


When techies speak, the devil's in the details

Columnist Paul Glen says details are at the root of IT-business disconnects. Read more Paul Glen columns.

Managing the fears that define the information age

Columnist Thornton A. May urges IT leaders to master their fears about the massive volume of data now available. Read more Thornton A. May columns.

Wise managers don't block workplace Web access

You should shift management focus from tracking time to measuring results, says columnist Bart Perkins. Read more Bart Perkins columns.

Don't Report to the CEO? Maybe that's OK

Columnist George Tillmann says that for some CIOs, success will come from not reporting to the CEO.

Big Projects, Done Small

All the incentives in business push for ever-bigger IT projects, but it's the small projects that succeed. Maybe those two facts don't have to be in opposition, says columnist Frank Hayes.


Premier 100 IT Leaders 2011

Despite a few years of economic upheaval, these 100 men and women never stopped delivering innovation and measurable business value.

Premier 100 IT Leaders 2010

These 100 IT visionaries are seizing this rare moment to produce measured growth, embark on innovative pilots and build loyalty in their most valued workers.

Premier 100 IT Leaders 2009

Some technology executives don't simply defy convention; they craft a whole new definition of leadership. Read how the 2009 honorees are blazing new management trails.

Premier 100 IT Leaders 2008

Learn how these 100 men and women are simplifying IT and showing the business how to innovate.

100 Best Places to Work in IT 2011

When's the last time you went for a swim on your lunch break or bragged to your friends about your work? It happens every day for some fortunate employees. See the best IT employers in our 18th annual report.

100 Best Places to Work in IT 2010

Many of these top-rated employers have felt the economy's sting this year. Yet an unwavering focus on IT employee satisfaction and development kept their workplaces strong. Read about them in our 17th annual report.

100 Best Places to Work in IT 2009

These top-rated IT workplaces combine choice benefits with hot technologies and on-target training. Our 16th annual report highlights the employers firing on all cylinders.

100 Best Places to Work in IT 2008

What do IT workers want most? More than 31,000 of them told us fair paychecks, challenging work and ample opportunities.

How IT Is Reinventing Itself as a Strategic Business Partner

Just supporting the business? Not anymore. IT leaders are helping to reinvent it.

How IT Is Revitalizing Staff Skills

Forget the old IT career ladder. One way to advance is to zigzag between IT and business.

Navigating Global IT

IT managers at multinational companies must manage a surprising array of governance, legal, personnel and cultural issues -- diplomatically.


When IT gets to play: Skunk works projects deliver value

Give your tech teams the resources to test new ideas, and big business value will follow.

Bad IT management habits: Break them before they break you

A little introspection and an action plan for overcoming bad habits may be all that's standing between you and on-the-job awesomeness.

Getting IT reorgs right

IT must constantly reshape its role to keep pace with technology. But do IT reorgs get the results that management hopes for?

Should CIOs have a foreign policy?

With business operations entangled in the unpredictable and sometimes volatile global scene, the answer is a resounding 'yes' (and the more detailed, the better).

Beyond Alignment

Meet the pioneers of extreme IT-business convergence. At these companies, it's hard to tell IT and business apart.

What CFOs want from IT

In a down economy, IT isn't going anywhere without Finance. Here's what CFOs would like you to know before you come knocking.

Collaboration, IT-style

Who said techies can't play well with others? Here's how to get IT types to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

How to Add Depth to Your Bench

Tech managers must constantly think in terms of establishing bench depth and grooming the key players of tomorrow. CIOs and other experts explain how.

Teamwork for Techies

Bye-bye lone programmer. We profile four companies that have learned how to get far-flung IT professionals to collaborate effectively.

Vendor Management Tips

Nine negotiating tips for reworking your organization's vendor agreements to get more services for less money.

What's your Twitter ROI?

Learn how to measure the return on your investment from marketing via social media campaigns.

Marketing IT: Sell Your Services Internally

It's not about hype. It's about conveying IT's value, and winning respect.

The Recession's Silver Lining

More companies are looking to the IT department to help reduce the cost of business, survey finds.

Hard Times, Hard Decisions for IT

With the recession putting a big squeeze on IT budgets, cutbacks are the rule. But CIOs are trying to keep key tech projects on track.

What Makes Great Companies Great?

The answer, in a Q&A with Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard Business School, combines philosophy and IT: clear, transcendent values and standard platforms and processes.

How to Manage Brilliant People

Every manager wants an ultra-smart staff. The good and bad news in IT is that you're likely to get one. Learn the best ways to deal with them.

Six Stupid IT Budget Tricks

Tales of dumb but common monetary mistakes -- and how to avoid them.

Five Ways to Drive Your Best Workers Out the Door

Listen up, managers: Employees don't quit the job; they quit you. Are you creating an environment that's going to make them want to stay? Or do your management tactics have them scurrying for the exit?

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