A Windows expert opts for a Mac life, Part 2

The transition was a little rocky for Windows expert Scot Finnie, but once over that hump, his Mac experience has been superb

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Selecting Mac software

The applications I use the most are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, AOL instant messaging, Notes, Eudora, Spamnix for Eudora, and Firefox. On the Mac, I use iChat instead of AIM, but other than that, I'm using the Mac versions of all these programs. And they're all pretty great.

I've also got Parallels on the job, and TextWrangler is my text editor. I purchased iPartition for dynamic partitioning. I'm using Microsoft's free Remote Desktop Client 1.0.3 (although I'm searching for a Windows-to-Mac host solution). Computerworld's Mac editor, Ken Mingis, recommended SuperDuper, a Mac backup system, and I like that a lot. Of course, I grabbed StuffIt Expander first thing.

I'm not completely set on a list of second- and third-tier software products. I'm close to deciding on an FTP client now. It's come down to Yummy FTP and CuteFTP Pro for the Mac. Each has advantages the other lacks. It would help if I could find any useful way at all to convert my Windows FTP bookmarks to any Mac FTP client. Even CuteFTP doesn't have a way to go from its Windows to Mac clients and bring your bookmarks with you.

Mac software info and downloads:

Microsoft Office 2004


Spamnix for Eudora

Mozilla Firefox

Parallels Desktop

Bare Bones Software's TextWrangler

Coriolis Systems' iPartition

Microsoft Remote Desktop Client

Shirt Pocket's SuperDuper

StuffIt Expander

Yummy Software's Yummy FTP

GlobalScape's CuteFTP Mac Pro

Interestingly, the other software I still need to choose is largely Web development-oriented. Here are some of the tools I need to find. The Windows products I use are in parentheses.

• HTML editor (HomeSite)

• RSS FeedReader (FeedDemon)

• Screen-capture utility (SnagIt)

• RSS Feed Creation tool (ListGarden)

Of all the applications I have left to pick, the one I dread the most is the HTML editor. I adore HomeSite, even with all the stupid things that Allaire, Macromedia and now Adobe Systems have done to it over the years. There is no HTML editor like HomeSite available for the Mac. I've spent some time looking on the Mac side recently and become royally discouraged.

If you have software recommendations for me, or want to comment on any aspect of this story, please drop me a line.

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