Browser Smackdown: Side-by-Side Feature Comparison

A close-up look at how Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9 and Safari 2 handle key browsing functions

Toolbars and Customization

Internet Explorer 7 features a brand-new stripped-back interface with missing menus and toolbar buttons in unexpected places -- and for the most part, you can't customize it. Firefox and Safari take the middle ground, letting you rearrange items in your toolbars or save multiple bookmarks and folders to the bookmarks bar. (Of course, Firefox' interface can be further tweaked with its vast library of third-party add-ons.) At the far end of the customization scale, Opera builds in half a dozen optional toolbars and endless configuration options.

IE7 features a stripped-back interface with few customization options, while the other browsers in our roundup are more tweakable.

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