MySQL gets another database engine

NitroEDB is being optimized for big databases

NitroSecurity Inc. and MySQL AB said yesterday that they will jointly develop a storage engine for the open-source MySQL database that is optimized for very large high-performance databases.

The engine will be based on NitroSecurity's NitroEDB technology, which is now used in the Portsmouth, N.H., vendor's real-time network security software. The technology is said to offer fast performance for databases with billions of records -- even when running on commodity hardware.

MySQL has a modular architecture that allows users to plug in a storage engine of their own choosing. MyISAM, the default storage engine for MySQL, is still the most widely used, according to MySQL CEO, Marten Mickos. The most popular alternative, however, is InnoDB, which is developed by Innobase Oy in Helsinki, Finland.

In the past year, MySQL rival Oracle Corp. has bought both Innobase and Sleepycat Software Inc., whose BerkeleyDB database can also be used as a storage engine for MySQL. Whereas Oracle agreed to continue developing InnoDB for MySQL for an undisclosed number of years, MySQL has taken many steps to wean its users off possible dependence on Oracle-owned technology.

In April, MySQL created a program to help encourage third-party companies to make engines compatible with its database while also announcing that it would create its own, code-named Falcon. In August, MySQL said that future versions of its database will not support BerkeleyDB.

Solid Information Technology Inc. is releasing the SolidDB storage engine for MySQL by the year's end.

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