Windows Vista RC1 Build 5600 Visual Tour

Every new pre-release iteration of Windows Vista has shown feature changes and visual updates, and Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is no different. But Vista's new look and feel is beginning to solidify, and the last-minute features have gotten smaller, though no less intriguing.

The companion piece to this visual tour, Inside Windows Vista RC1: Initial Test Drive, explores the major improvements in RC1 and weighs the positives and negatives of aspects like peformance, reliability, networking controls and streamlining of User Account Control.

But to get a sense of all the nuances in Vista RC1 ... take the tour. See for yourself what the new alternative clocks feature looks like, as well as the Windows Photo Gallery, Network and Sharing Center, Manage Wireless Networks, and eleven other hand-picked aspects of the new OS.

Watch for an in-depth, Computerworld evaluation of Windows Vista RC1 in weeks to come. The editors are interested in your thoughts, comments, and questions about Vista and Computerworld's coverage of the forthcoming operating system. Drop us a line.

Image gallery design by Dawn Petersen.

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