Turn your home or small-office router into an enterprise-level powerhouse

Four steps to increase your router's capabilities

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For the basic setup, select Applications and Gaming --> QoS, and select Enable next to Start QoS. Then select WAN from the Port drop-down list, if it's not already selected. See the figure of the QoS screen.

Next, fill in the uplink and downlink boxes. For each box, enter 85% of the bandwidth your Internet service provider gives you. For example, if you have a 1.5 megabit download speed and 256Kbit/sec. upload speed, enter 218 for uplink and 1306 for downlink. Make sure not to confuse the two, because if you do, you'll dramatically decrease your download speeds.

The rest of the screen lets you optimize your bandwidth for certain applications, certain PCs on your network and by other criteria. To give a certain application, such as Skype, high priority, click Add, then select the application from the list that appears. Click Add, and it will be added to the Services Priority List. From the Priority drop-down box, select what kind of priority you want to give it. The highest priority is Exempt, and the lowest is bulk. You can also give applications low priority as well.

The Advanced Settings screen lets you increase your wireless signal and set other advanced options for wireless.
Restricting wireless access to your network during certain parts of the day. (Click image to see larger view)
Using QoS Settings to optimize bandwidth.
Using QoS Settings to optimize bandwidth. (Click image to see larger view)

The QoS screen also lets you give certain PCs high priority. For PCs attached to the router via Ethernet, scroll down to Ethernet Port Priority, and make a selection from the Priority drop-down box to assign different levels to each PC. You can also specify maximum bandwidth rates for each, by selecting them from the Max Rate drop-down list. Rates range from completely disabling access, up to 100Mbit/sec.

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