The top 10 funniest tech videos on YouTube

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No. 8: Scared witless and flipped over backward

YouTube title: Maze scare

YouTube description: Guy gets scared playing a maze game with a surprise scare.

My description: There are a lot of these types of videos on YouTube. One was funny until the kid who was the "victim" got terribly upset and started to cry -- then it got disturbing. This video from, on the other hand, is just plain funny, showing one of the more extreme reactions.

No. 9: Cubicle rage

YouTube title: How To Break Your Computer

YouTube description: How To Break Your Computer

My description: An oldie but goodie: a short, funny video of unknown origin showing extreme overreaction to a computer problem in cubicleland.

No. 10: How annoying can you get?

YouTube title: Prangstgrup Powerbook Start up Sound Prank!!

YouTube description: How long does the startup sound of a powerbook really last? Apparently for the people in this library...a little too long!

My description: Another Candid Camera-like video, this one from Prangstgrüp. Great reactions from the students gathered to study.

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