The top 10 funniest tech videos on YouTube

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No. 4: The Office (Brit original) meets help desk tech

YouTube title: The Office UK -- Computer Geek

YouTube description: Tim loses his computer

My description: Brits have their own brand of humor, but this sendup of an arrogant IT help desk type ignores borders and transcends comedy tastes.

No. 5 The dangers of live TV

YouTube title: QVC - I like my Dell prank call

YouTube description: Guy calls QVC to say he likes his Dell -- at 2am when he can have "alone" time with it.

My description: Mildly risqué, granted, but quite humorous. It's from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, which reportedly added the caller's voice to real QVC footage. Don't watch if you're offended by the Internet "P" word.

No. 6: Sick of smilies and LOLs

YouTube title: The "smiley" intervention

YouTube description: Do you over-use the smiley in e-mails? Do you know someone else who does? It's time to stage an intervention....

My description: Be careful with those smilies and LOLs -- you could end up owning a lot of cats in your old age. Comedian Mark Day has worked up a formula to predict it.

No. 7: Rogue remote user runs amok at Mac trade show

YouTube title: Fun with remotes...

YouTube description: Ever wondered if your MacBook Pro or iMac remote works on other people's computers? Sure it does. Ever wondered how much fun you could have at a tradeshow? Sure you have...

My description: This video, by pranksters David Jay, Kevin Swan and Nathan Holritz, almost has a Candid Camera feel to it. It's fun to watch the reactions of the show attendees as their Macs seem to act on their own.

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