Not What We Had in Mind

A data center operator is clearly hunting for something when this pilot fish, whose title is "virtual computing architect," happens into the server room. Can I help? fish asks. "A customer called and said a particular server was having an issue and needed rebooting," operator tells him. Fish explains that the server he's looking for is a virtual server -- there will be a physical server that has many virtual servers running on it. "I realize that," says operator. "I was just going to reboot the physical server because I don't have access to that specific virtual server."

Flipped Out

New senior programmer has been on the job a few days when his boss wants to introduce him to the HR director. But the programmer has something else on his mind. "He was frustrated because he'd been working on a report and it was only printing out odd-numbered pages," says a pilot fish on the scene. "He had printed several copies, and they kept coming out the same way. With the HR director watching, his boss picked up the printed report, flipped it over and showed him the 'missing' even-numbered pages. I wonder what the HR director thought when he was then introduced as 'our new senior programmer.'"


This pilot fish works in building maintenance, not IT, so when an IT tech arrives at his basement office in a big hurry to upgrade fish's computer, fish says sure and returns to his work. But 15 minutes later, tech has been joined by two others, all trying to figure out why the software update refuses to take. Did you modify this machine? tech asks fish. No. All the machines here are running Windows, right? "I don't have a PC here," fish says. "That machine is mine. It's a Mac." Reports fish, "All three looked at each other and left in a hurry."

Warm All Over

There's a flight delay at the airport, so this pilot fish figures she'll get a wireless connection and do a little work. "This was a new airport for me, and I couldn't find any designated hot spots as I walked through the gate area," says fish. "As I emerged into the terminal, I spied the information desk. I asked a pleasant young lady where I might find a hot spot. Her reply? "We don't have any hot spots - but you can get wireless anywhere in the airport."

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