AirMagnet to offer analyzer for Cisco APs

Analysis tool for Cisco lightweight access points

On Tuesday, AirMagnet launched Enterprise Analyzer for Cisco, a troubleshooting and analysis software tool for Cisco's line of switch or controller-based, lightweight APs.

The software works with Cisco lightweight APs currently available and will collect and analyze a 130 different wireless network conditions, including data traffic congestion, signal noise and interference.

Using the Enterprise Analyzer interface, a network manager will be able to prompt the AP to switch to sniffer mode in order to collect traffic data on local and remote networks and AP stations.

Once the data is collected, the software returns it to the Analyzer for both analysis and alarm generation along with best practice solutions for maximizing the operation of the wireless network.

An Interference Analysis Page tool was added to the AirMagnet suite, which can track unique sources of interference, including bandwidth competition from other devices, hidden stations, and RF noise.

The Analyzer will change the way network operations center managers and call centers respond to problems when a user issue comes in, according to Wade Williamson, director of product management at AirMagnet.

"This allows them to change the game. They connect to the location where there is a problem, and the Analyzer will tell them what is wrong without having to send someone out to the site," said Williamson.

The Cisco APs in essence become two separate devices, either one dedicated to listening to the environment in sniffer mode or as an AP to handle data traffic.

The Analyzer can also be used to monitor for regulatory issues, such as HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act].

The AirMagnet system can, for example, apply HIPAA policy for authentication and encryption and audit the environment for all devices that are in or out of compliance.

AirMagnet Enterprise Analyzer for Cisco 3.0 is available now. Pricing starts at US$9,995 and includes three controllers and one company license.

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