Excel 2007 Cheat Sheet: Quick reference charts

Find your favorite Excel 2003 commands in the new Excel 2007 interface

Editor's note: These charts accompany our story Excel 2007 Cheat Sheet. Click through to that story for detailed information on getting up and running with Excel 2007.

Wondering where your favorite Excel 2003 commands went? Worry no more. Just use these quick reference charts, which list the most commonly used Excel 2003 commands and tell you where they are in Excel 2007. They're listed here according to the menu on which they're found in Excel 2003. We've also included keyboard shortcuts for all the commands. Most of them are the same in Excel 2003 and Excel 2007; we've noted where they differ.

For a full listing of every menu and submenu item, download the Excel Ribbon mapping workbook from Microsoft Corp. The company also lists more Excel 2007 keyboard shortcuts on its Office Online Web site.


File Menu  |  Edit Menu  |  View Menu  |  Insert Menu  |  Format Menu  |  Tools Menu  |  Data Menu  |  Window Menu


File Menu

Excel 2003 Location

Excel 2007 Location

Keyboard Shortcut

File > NewOffice button > NewCtrl-N
File > OpenOffice button > OpenCtrl-O
File > CloseOffice button > CloseCtrl-W
File > Save

Office button > Save


Quick Access tool bar > Save icon
File > Save AsOffice button > Save AsF12
File > Save As Web PageOffice button > Save As (in Save As dialog, choose Web Page from Save As Type drop-down)

In Excel 2003: Alt-F, G

In Excel 2007: F12 (in Save As dialog, choose Web Page from Save As Type drop-down)
File > Save WorkspaceView > Window > Save Workspace

In Excel 2003: Alt-F, W

In Excel 2007: Alt-W, K
File > File SearchWindows Start button > Search

In Excel 2003: Alt-F, H

In Excel 2007: Window key, C
File > PermissionOffice button > Prepare > Restrict Permission

In Excel 2003: Alt-F, M

In Excel 2007: Alt-F, E, R
File > Web Page PreviewAdd to Quick Access tool bar: Office button > Excel Options > Customize > All Commands > Web Page Preview

In Excel 2003: Alt-F, B

In Excel 2007: Alt-[number of position in Quick Access tool bar]
File > Page Setup

Page Layout > Page Setup (click dialog box launcher for more options)


Office button > Print > Print Preview > Page Setup icon

In Excel 2003: Alt-F, U

In Excel 2007: Alt-P, SP
File > Print AreaPage Layout > Page Setup > Print Area

In Excel 2003: Alt-F, T

In Excel 2007: Alt-P, R
File > Print PreviewOffice button > Print > Print Preview

In Excel 2003: Alt-F, V

In Excel 2007: Alt-F, W, V
File > PrintOffice button > PrintCtrl-P
File > Send To

Office button > Send

(for more Send options, see Office button > Excel Options > Customize > All Commands)
Alt-F, D
File > Most Recently Used DocumentsOffice button > Recent DocumentsAlt-F

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