TechGear: E-mail From the Future: Remember the iPhone?

Mike Elgan looks back at all the hype -- from the iWorld of 2022

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Webcam Sports Carl Zeiss Lens

Logitech International SA today unveiled its $99.99, two-megapixel QuickCam Pro 9000 Webcam, which boasts high-end features like Carl Zeiss optics, a "premium" autofocus system, "extreme" close-up capability (under 4 in.), supersmooth video (up to 30 frames per second) and HD-quality video (960 by 720 pixels).

Logitech claims the QuickCam Pro 9000 uses software to produce the equivalent of 8-megapixel images.

New Mice for Germaphobes

Two new mice for clean freaks hit this week. You can wash one with soap and water, and you don't need to wash the other.

The new, $29.99 Belkin Washable Mouse is watertight, so you can put it under the faucet and scrub it with dishwashing soap. It's a really simple, one-button mouse.

IOgear Inc. unveiled a $89.95 mouse called the Personal Security Mouse with Nano Technology. The mouse is coated with a titanium dioxide and silver nanoparticle compound that the company says kills germs on contact. (The "Personal Security" is ensured by a fingerprint scanner that replaces passwords not only for log-in, but Web sites as well -- the passwords for each Web site are stored in an encrypted database and are entered automatically when you scan your finger.)

These two mice enter into the larger arena of peripheral devices and phones that protect against germs.

Editor's Picks: iPhone to arrive, disappoint, tomorrow

The hype over the Apple iPhone is so high that no product could possibly live up to it. After years of rumors and months of anticipation, the iPhone goes on sale tomorrow -- at last.

Mike Elgan writes about technology and global tech culture. Contact Mike at or his blog, "The Raw Feed."

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