Profile: Yuval Ben-Itzhak

Name: Yuval Ben-Itzhak

Title: Chief technology officer

Company: Finjan Inc.

Age: 36

Industry: IT/computer-related services/consulting

30-second biography: Ben-Itzhak develops Finjan's technological vision and advances its product road map in line with the ever-growing security needs of businesses and enterprises. His responsibilities include the development of Finjan's intellectual property portfolio, which currently includes dozens of granted and pending patents in the content security domain. He also heads Finjan's Malicious Code Research Center, which is dedicated to keeping Finjan's security technology steps ahead of the hacker community.

Current project: "Computer mobility has provided enterprises with greater agility, but Wi-Fi, GSM and WiMax have also introduced challenges in the areas of security, regulatory compliance and privacy. My team is working on a mobile security technology to address these challenges. This technology, which will secure mobile devices as if they were connected to the corporate network, without requiring any software installation on the device itself, will enable enterprises to benefit from mobility while meeting their requirements for low TCO and regulatory compliance, and it will make it possible to enforce security policies for any user, regardless of location."

Most-critical technologies for IT this year:

* Web and data security technologies: "Data is becoming enterprises' most valuable resource, and enterprises are becoming increasingly dependent on access to the Web for their business operations. Securing both the data and the Web will be ever more critical."

* Mobile and mobility technologies: "They can help enterprises succeed in the global market, connecting geographically distributed resources and a mobile workforce in virtual networks as if they were at the corporate office."

* Storage technologies: "Enterprises continue to create endless amounts of data, of all kinds, that is critical for their success. Enterprises with the technologies to support efficient storage, protection and access to this data will have a better chance to succeed."

The best thing about today's technology: "It turns yesterday's dream into daily reality. It enables us to focus on what we do best while freeing us from other worries. Today's technology is the main enabler for our world's progress and business growth."

The worst thing about today's technology: "The life cycle of technologies becomes shorter and shorter. All too often, we end up with expensive technologies that serve only limited segments of the population while leaving others behind."

Technology can …"Bridge the knowledge, talent and experience of people from around the world to accelerate the global research and development efforts that enable, enrich and improve our daily lives. However, technology must be secure to prohibit hostile elements from abusing it."

Favorite Web sites:,,,,

What sets you apart? "As a pioneer of the Web application security market, I identified new types of threats that enterprises were exposed to while doing business online. At that time, 1999, the security industry was focusing on SSL and network firewalls while discounting threats at the Web application layer."

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