Profile: Steven Barlow

Name: Steven Barlow

Title: Manager, enterprise data warehouse

Company: Intermountain Healthcare

Age: 37

Industry: Health/medical services

30-second biography: When Barlow joined not-for-profit Intermountain in 1992, he unboxed, set up and configured workstations. Today, he oversees a data repository that integrates 48 disparate sets of data from across all of Intermountain's 21 hospitals and 100 clinics. He is a founding member and chairman of the Healthcare Data Warehousing Association, whose mission is to serve as a forum for its more than 80 member organizations and nearly 300 individual members to share knowledge, influence vendors and define standards in health care data warehousing.

Current project: "I am helping lead the effort to architect and develop the data warehousing and business intelligence components of the new enterprise clinical information system being co-developed by Intermountain Healthcare and GE Healthcare."

Who in the technology industry most influenced your career? "Carvel Whiting, retired CIO at Intermountain Healthcare. He saw more potential in me than I saw in myself and exemplified the kind of leader and IT professional I aspire to be. Carvel was a value-based leader. He advocated values-based professional relationships and value-added solutions for our customers."

The technology you can't live without: "It would have to be the Internet. From work to play to learning, I find myself more and more reliant on immediate access to all kinds of information that usually saves loads of time and energy. A distant second would have to be digital photography."

Most-critical technologies for IT this year: "Service-oriented architecture will reduce the time to market for software applications and reduce maintenance costs in the long term. And data warehousing and business intelligence efforts are becoming more and more of a necessity as opposed to a luxury. As pressures for regulatory compliance, cost reduction and quality improvement mount, integrated and easy access to information plays an essential role in performance management."

The best thing about today's technology: "Technology has become increasingly consumer-driven. Innovations are geared toward the masses and made easier to use and apply in daily living and are relatively more affordable."

The worst thing about today's technology: "There are still far too many 'standards,' and hence there are no standards."

Technology can …"Enable better decision-making."

Book most recently on your nightstand: Truman, by David McCullough

What sets you apart? "My ability to listen."

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