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Bell 'Unplugs' User's MCI Line

A Microwave Communications Inc. (MCI) data user has had his interstate MCI line disconnected by Illinois and Southwestern Bell without prior notice. The Illinois Telephone Co. said a switch installed by MCI, allowing the user to alternate his Bell modem between MCI's line and a Bell System dial-up line, was a violation of a state tariff, but the issue may have to be decided by AT&T on an interstate level. MCI, the new specialized carrier providing service between Chicago and St. Louis, installed the switch to give Sweetheart Cup Corp. a dual capability. With the switch in one direction the Bell 202C-11 could be used to transmit via MCI line from Chicago to St. Louis. And with the switch in the other position, the 202 data set was used to transmit via Bell dial-up lines to Wilmington, Del. But the phone company objected to the use of a Bell modem on an MCI line.

13 Models Beef Up Burroughs 700s

Burroughs nearly doubled the number of medium-scale computers offered to its users last week with the introduction of 13 models in the 700 Series, including its first solid-state memory systems.

Date: May 17, 1972

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