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Hostages' release from Tehran came after several major U.S. banks moved billions of dollars through a computer-driven funds transfer network to a Bank of England escrow account in London. The banks involved generally observed a Treasury Department request that the details of the electronic funds transfer (EFT) be kept secret as the 52 returned hostages began a "decompression" period last week. Former President Jimmy Carter had ordered U.S. banks to freeze Iranian assets pending resolution of the crisis.

Equipment Vendors Favor Bell Settlement, But Carriers Balking

Independent manufacturers of on-line computer systems and intelligent terminals are willing to go along with a proposed settlement of the Justice Department's antitrust suit against AT&T, but specialized carriers are not. At least that is what knowledgeable sources said last week, several days after argument in the "antitrust trial of the century" was halted by presiding judge Harold H. Greene. The interruption came when attorneys for both sides told the judge they had agreed on essential details of a negotiated settlement.

DP Staffers Remain Tops in Demand

The computer industry remains the land of opportunity for job seekers, as computer experts were rated the most sought-after employees in the U.S. again this year. According to a nationwide survey of new hires conducted by Fox-Morris Personnel Consultants in conjunction with National Personnel Consultants, Inc., computer professionals were named as the employees most in demand for the fourth year in a row.

Date: January 26, 1981

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