'80 Mbytes of storage for under $12k!' and other ad favorites through the years

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Any idea what year "totable" meant "able to be lugged around in a briefcase?" Headline hint: "IBM Decries Justice's Use of FBI as 'Coercive'" (part of the IBM antitrust trial).

Remember these?

Every office used to have them, but we haven't seen one in years. It's called a "typewriter." And in this ad, readers are told that a "little ball turns an ordinary Selectric typewriter into the only bilingual input device in the world.

"So, instead of a big, expensive data preparation center and the expensive personnel that go with it, all you need is a couple of Selectrics (which you may already have), a few DF-2 elements and our Optical Page Reader."

I'm not sure the current generation of students would even recognize the Selectric type ball in the picture.

Publishing year headline hint: "13 Models Beef Up Burroughs 700s."

It's small and light at only 11+ lbs.

"MultiSpeed is multi-talented. It's small. Light. And gives you the option of running at a clock speed of either 9.54 or 4.77 MHz," boasts this ad from NEC showing what a laptop of its day was like. It weighed in at 11.2 lb. with 640K of memory, dual 720K drives and five built-in programs.

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