Review: Safend Protector 3.2 guards network endpoints at reasonable cost

You don't really need to pour glue into your USB ports to thwart unwanted connections

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You can also set how the agent will appear on the client machine -- you can show its system tray icon and event messages, or hide either or both from view. Policies can be updated at periodic intervals specified by the administrator, with the default being every 90 minutes.

Alerts can be sent to an e-mail address, to the Windows event log, to an SNMP manager or can kick off a particular program.


I found three major drawbacks to Safend. First is its lack of Mac and Linux client support; right now the product is just for all-Windows networks. Second is that the Safend protection will only work once a client is logged in and authenticated by an Active Directory or eDirectory domain. This means that a rogue laptop without any authentication or without a Safend client installed can still infect your network.

One final issue is the huge size of the log files that can get tedious to parse on large networks, although there are ways to limit the number of logged events via the administration software.

Overall, I found that Safend makes for a very solid system for protecting your network endpoints, and at a reasonable per-seat cost.

Safend Protector Version 3.2

(215) 496 9646

  • Pricing varies from $13 (for implementations of more than 10,000 seats) to $32 (for implementations of less than 250 seats) per seat.
  • Safend Auditor ranges from $700 to $5,000 when purchased with the Protector, and double that price when not, per network, depending on the size of the network.
  • Discounts for annual subscriptions (500 seat minimums) and if customers want to participate in beta programs.

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