Sound off: Is your wireless network a security breach waiting to happen?

The security threat posed by wireless networks has been a hot-button issue for years now. Are they still a prime target for hackers? Computerworld editors Preston Gralla and David Ramel take opposing sides on the issue.

Read their articles and decide for yourself, and then weigh in on the issue in our article comments and in our QuickPoll.

Yes! "Why you need wireless protection"

Preston says you're playing Russian roulette with multiple bullets if you don't take seriously the threat posed by wireless networks. He lists five reasons to take the extra effort to secure your net:

  1. You may be aiding criminals.
  2. Wireless is the weakest link in your company.
  3. The recording industry may sue you.
  4. It's the bandwidth, stupid.
  5. It's vital to protect your privacy. (read more)

No! "Why worry about wireless?"

David says wireless security threats are overhyped and easily stopped. You have bigger things to worry about. It's now trivial to secure wireless nets, and IT pros have far more serious security concerns that they should be addressing -- while home users have little to lose even in the remote chance someone tries to breach their network. (read more)

Be safe: "How to protect your wireless network"

As part of this package, Preston explains the steps needed to sleep more soundly at night, knowing your networks are secure. Our story comes complete with an image gallery showing how to set various parameters in your router setup. (read more)

Remember to express your view on the issue in our article comments, and be sure to vote on the seriousness of the issue in our QuickPoll.

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