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In case you missed them, here are the most recent product reviews published by Playlist. (For a complete list of reviews, check out the Playlist Product Guide:

Griffin Technologies AirDock for iPod: Yet another "connect your iPod to your entertainment system" dock for the iPod, the AirDock is a solid dock for about the same price as Apple's own offering. --DAN FRAKES

RadTech iPhone headphone adapter: Like Belkin's Headphone Adapter, RadTech's offering plugs into the iPhone's recessed jack and then provides a standard headphone minijack for connecting your favorite headphones; it worked well with a range of third-party headphones. However, whereas the Belkin adapter is short (2 in.), thick and rigid, RadTech's is 6.5 in. long overall with a thin, flexible cable in the middle. Although I was impressed with the build quality of the Belkin adapter, I think the lower price and flexible design of the RadTech ProCable makes it more appealing for everyday use. --DF

SendStation PocketDock AV: For less than the price of Apple's AV Cable and an extra dock-connector cable together, the PocketDock AV provides more connection options and higher-quality audio output in a package that adds less clutter to your bag, making it a handy travel accessory. --DF

Griffin Technology PowerJolt for iPhone and iPod: Griffin's PowerJolt for iPhone and iPod is the same product, at the same $20 price, as the "2006" PowerJolt -- just renamed to emphasize compatibility with the iPhone. With a better design and an additional cable, the current $20 PowerJolt is that much better a bargain. --DF

Gecko In-Car Duo-Charge: If you don't need the capability to charge two devices simultaneously, this USB-based iPod auto charger is expensive compared with quality options from Griffin and XtremeMac, to name just two. But if you'd actually use such a feature, it's quite handy and might make the Duo-Charge worth the $10 price premium. --DF

XtremeMac InCharge Auto: This USB-based iPod auto charger is attractive and well made. However, at the same price as Griffin's PowerJolt, you'll have to decide which is more important to you: the additional connection options provided by the PowerJolt's mini-USB cable, or the InCharge Auto's more attractive design. --DF

Belkin Slim-Fit Case for iPhone: One of the first cases we received for the iPhone, Belkin's Slim-Fit uses a slide-in design, which means you can't use your iPhone while its in the case; rather, the case offers a protective holster for storing the phone when not in use. Like most holster-type cases, the Slim-Fit isn't exceptionally protective; there's not a lot of padding, and if you turn the case upside-down, your iPhone will slide out. But I like this case for what it is: the slimmest belt-clip case I've yet seen. --DF

Case-Mate Signature Leather Case for iPhone: The Signature is made of soft Napa leather, but it's also got a rigid internal shell that, with two exceptions, offers a good deal of protection against shock if you accidentally drop your iPhone. The exceptions are the upper-right corner, which is exposed on the back, and the screen. Unlike cases that include a small hole for the iPhone's camera lens, the Signature case cuts away the entire corner. The Signature is attractive, feels well made and, apart from the upper-right corner, offers good protection for a use-in case. --DF

Crystal Armour for iPod: This case for the fifth-generation (5G) iPod with video is a pretty tough customer, and while it has a few shortcomings, it should keep your iPod safe and sound. If you don't mind the lack of accessibility or a little added weight and girth, this case may be for you. --DAN MOREN

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