Our top 15 green IT stories

Computerworld has run dozens of stories related to green IT issues of all stripes -- and that's just in the past few months -- but these stand out as those that give readers actionable advice and other types of useful information. Not every suggestion will fit every need or budget, of course, but there's bound to be something in here that will help you as you start your journey in eco-IT.--Johanna Ambrosio

"Putting your data center on an energy diet"

Worldwide, companies spent over $7 billion in 2005 to power their servers and associated heating and cooling gear; that's double the amount of power used in 2001. Here's how to lighten the load.

"Power trip: The case for co-generation"

Combined heat and power systems for data centers can save money and greenhouse emissions -- if you can make the business case.

"Gartner: XP can be 'green' too"

While Microsoft Corp. has been pushing Vista's power-saving features, a Gartner Inc. analyst says companies should look for ways to save electricity on their older systems, too.

"Feds push IT to expend less energy"

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is calling on IT managers to adopt best practices for managing power usage, install new energy-saving technologies and make going green a priority.

"Seven steps to a green data center"

Here's how to save on energy costs and the planet at the same time.

"The Grill: Rocky Mountain Institute's Amory B. Lovins on the Hot Seat"

Rocky Mountain Institute Inc.'s chairman and chief scientist talks about breaking out of stovepipes, designing IT for efficiency and cooling data centers with slush.

"Green computing picks up momentum"

Columnist Bert Latamore explores environmentally unfriendly computing practices and possible actions that companies can take now to address the problem.

"Greening up is about more than just energy"

Data center managers talk about the coveted LEED green-building certification, how they earned it and why it matters to their business.

"Power pinch in the data center"

Rising power and cooling costs are catching some data center managers by surprise. Here's why.

"Liquid cooling returns to the data center"

Although not every user is wild about the idea, rack-level cooling systems are making a comeback.

"Opinion: It's not easy being green"

Steve Duplessie talks about why you can't just buy your way out of the power crunch. Just don't call him a hippie.

"It takes green to go green"

Executives at most large companies won't go green unless they find that doing so will save money, according to a Forrester Research Inc. report.

"'Green' technology gets attention of big power users"

Data center operators are looking for alternative ways of powering their facilities and green technologies that are cleaner are gaining new attention.

"Q&A: American Power Conversion's Neil Rasmussen"

He talks about why his firm is pushing for European voltage standards to be adopted in the U.S., the myth about fuel-cell technology being carbon-neutral and the new power-design model for PC and chip makers.

"Data centers eye 'green' power"

Data center managers are looking at energy alternatives such as fuel cells and flywheels, although the technologies are immature.

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