Honors Program: QlikTech International

Project Name: Business software that saves lives

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Has your project helped those it was designed to help?   Yes.

What new advantage or opportunity does your project provide to people?

Primarily, the QlikView implementation serves as a tool to support a doctors decision-making. Deciding when a patient recovering from brain surgery has meningitis and deciding how aggressively to treat the complication is difficult. QlikView gives doctors a simple, easy-to-use and, most importantly, fast way to sift through these results and assess whether the patient has meningitis and how it should be treated.

In the past, these processes required doctors to manually sift through many sheets of paper detailing patient histories and test results. They were required to manually make calculations and draw conclusions. Sometimes paper tests were absent or slow to retrieve. There was no way for doctors to draw inferences and see associations between pieces of information across physical pieces of paper.

The decision tree task that doctors perform takes data from a number of different places -- physical examination, tests and other factors -- and the doctor makes a binary decision of whether to treat or not. QlikView automates this procedure entirely and puts it at doctors' fingertips. They can focus on patients, while QlikView crunches the numbers and builds the data associations.

The second major beneficiaries are patients themselves. Patients who undergo brain surgery are engaging in a high-risk procedure. Any tools that can improve their odds are tremendously valuable. But more important than surviving the procedure is having the best possible outcome. For patients, QlikView provides a significantly greater chance of not having complications from surgery. And this can allow them to lead fuller, happier lives after surgery.

The third beneficiaries are other patients at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Treating complications from brain surgery is expensive. By reducing the resources spent on treating these complications, these resources can be utilized to improve the outcomes of all patients.

Has your project fundamentally changed how tasks are performed?   Yes.

How do you see your project's innovation benefiting other applications, organizations, or global communities?

Sahlgrenska University Hospital is one of many hospitals in Sweden. The implementation of QlikView which is saving lives there can be used in hospitals around Sweden, its Nordic neighbors and even the world.

In addition, the idea of applying information technology to support the decision-making of doctors working on critical cases could be extended to other procedures.

Indeed, the results were presented during the information days at Sahlgrenska Hospital and got at lot of attention. The next step is to present it to the board of doctors on April 26. The complication costs of approximately $1 million yearly are now has been reduced to zero. There is great hope that this method based on QlikView can be implemented to support other departments at Sahlgrenska.

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