Deja vu all over again

The first time this pilot fish does some work for a friend-of-a-friend, he's asked to reinstall Windows on a PC using the customer's recovery disks.

"The user suspected a virus, and the system no longer booted," says fish. "After I reinstalled and then configured Internet access and e-mail, the user asked me where his data was.

"When I said I could recover from backup, the answer was that no backup was made. No data."

Fish recommends some antivirus and spyware products, as well as a few backup options. Then he goes on his way.

A year passes -- and fish gets another call from the customer. This time the hard disk has failed, but once again fish's main task is to reinstall Windows using the recovery disks.

And once the reinstallation and configuring is complete, with the old hard drive in the trash, the user turns to fish.

Where's my data? he asks.

"When I said I could recover from backup, the answer was that no backup was made. No data," amazed fish says.

"Even after what should have been a big heads-up one year earlier.

"Go figure."

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