Where's the fire?

This tech support pilot fish works at a bank call center. "Most of what my group does is take calls and support the software on the local PCs," says fish. "If our team is busy, the calls will route out to one of our sister sites in hopes that a technician there can support the user remotely.

"If not, they will send a trouble ticket back to our group to deal with when we aren't busy."

One day a ticket comes in from a sister site -- containing nothing but the name of a local user and the words "User smells smoke. Sending to on-site support to investigate."

Fortunately, it only sits in the queue for a few minutes before one of fish's co-workers spots it.

Smoke? In a building with 1,500 workers?

With no location information, fish and his team scramble to look up who the user's manager is, in order to track down where she's sitting.

Then they grab the closest thing to firefighting gear they have -- the hard hats left over from the days when they were setting up computers while the building was still under construction -- and head for the user's desk.

"Once we got there, we found the problem was that someone had burned a bag of popcorn in the microwave," relieved fish reports.

"We instructed the user to next time inform the nearest manager so they could engage building maintenance the next time something like this occurred.

"Unfortunately, we were never able to contact the tech in the remote site that sent us the ticket. What he was thinking, sending us a ticket like that, we still have no idea."

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