2007 Jobs Report Snapshots

Highlights and key statistics from Computerworld's 21st annual Jobs Report Survey of IT professionals.

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July 2007; 204 RESPONSES

Note: Percentages may not add up to 100 due to rounding.

More than two-thirds (67%) of respondents said they expect their companies to be hiring new IT staffers within the next 12 months. While 25% don’t expect to hire new employees, 8% are unsure. Among those indicating that they expect their companies to be hiring new IT staffers, an average of 85% will be from outside the company.


Where will they find these new recruits?

  • Experienced IT professionals from other companies: 61%
  • New college/university graduates: 16%
  • New technical school graduates: 8%
  • Internal hires: 15%


What are your top hiring concerns?

  • Tight hiring budgets: 53%
  • A deficit of workers with certain IT skills: 43%
  • Difficulties recruiting workers: 42%
  • Workloads are too big: 33%
  • No major staffing concerns for the coming year: 10%

Note: Multiple responses allowed. HOT SKILLS

Application development (70%) was the most frequently cited IT skill respondents said they expect their companies to hire for in the next 12 months. Other top skills include database analysis and development (53%), help desk/IT support (50%), network administration (50%) and Web design/development (42%).

Respondents reported an average of 21 open positions in their IT departments that their companies are actively trying to fill. It takes an average of 71 days to fill an open IT position at the respondents’ companies.


Almost all respondents (97%) reported some technical qualifications that are in demand in their IT organizations. The most frequently cited in-demand technical qualifications:

  • SQL Server: 46%
  • Network technician: 44%
  • Microsoft .Net Framework: 39%
  • Java: 30%
  • XML: 29%
  • Oracle database and applications: 25%

Note: Multiple responses allowed. THE WRITTEN WORD

Of all nontechnical skills, writing was cited as the most important when hiring new employees:

  • Writing: 70%
  • Business process mapping and tools: 45%
  • Public speaking: 32%
  • Knowledge of core accounting processes: 20%

Note: Multiple responses allowed. HELP WANTED

The technology areas where respondents said they are experiencing the greatest skills shortage:

  • Application development: 34%
  • Database analysis and development: 19%
  • Security: 15%
  • Web design and development: 15%
  • Help desk and IT support: 15%
  • Business intelligence: 14%
  • No skills shortage at this time: 12%

Note: Multiple responses allowed.

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