10-year, tech-support 'hold' amuses the blogosphere

Tale of delayed callback has Microsoft's attention, whatever its veracity

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"My hat is off to the tech that made the call," wrote another, M. Schalbach.

At Digg, one poster, "theworldisflat," who claims to have worked at Microsoft support in the past, said the above case could have happened exactly as described.

"The closed status would have been a dead giveaway, but they were most likely just in a hurry," he wrote on Digg. "Rather than go 'oh ... I screwed up, never mind,' they just followed the motion of checking to see if the issue was resolved. And yes, metrics go back 10 years. I've pulled up case notes from the Win95 release days ... talk about a trip."

Or could Bic be a budding author stealing a theme from a well-loved tale? A quick search of the Urban Legends Reference Pages Web site, a.k.a. Snopes.com, turned up 74 fanciful myths involving Microsoft.

The closest one to Bic's story is one about a technical support rep who, upon discovering that the caller's problem was caused by trying to use his desktop PC during a power outage, tells the caller to return his computer to the store because he's "too stupid to own a computer."

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