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Pilot fish has just reimaged this rather senior user's PC to get rid of much of the junk cluttering it up its hard drive. But it's the same PC she's been using that he installs back at her desk.

"The next day we get a help desk ticket," fish reports. "The user cannot log onto her machine.

"My co-worker goes to investigate the problem -- and turns on the computer."

Next day fish is summoned to user's office. Once again she can't log on. Fish asks her if she turns her computer off at the end of the day. User says she just logs off. Fish turns her machine on and leaves once again.

The following day, fish's co-worker is called to user's office. Same problem. Co-worker carefully explains in detail how to turn the machine on. Then he turns on the computer and leaves.

"This morning I'm doing some other work near the user's office when she walks out and exclaims, 'I was just about to send for you!'" says fish. "Once again her computer is off.

"This time she says, 'I'm not going to shut my computer down when I go home. This takes too much time.' I turn the computer on and leave.

"Later, we decide that if we get another problem from the user, we'll set her computer to auto-power-on during the weekdays."

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