Update: Apple airs out 'world's thinnest subnotebook'

Jobs also touts movie rental downloads, new AppleTV and wireless backup hardware

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That feature -- which provides only a rough idea of the current location compared to GPS -- was the result of a partnership between Apple, Google Inc. and Skyhook Wireless Inc., a Boston-based wireless positioning system provider.

Almost as an afterthought, Jobs noted that Apple had sold four million iPhones since the device's debut in June 2007. The company has set a sales goal of 10 million by the end of this year.

Before he closed, Jobs recapped the announcements, but unlike other such presentations, had no "and one more thing" moment where he pulled out a final surprise. Instead, he hinted at an ongoing effort throughout the year.

"All this in the first two weeks, and we've got 50 more weeks to go," Jobs quipped.

Gottheil summed up today's announcements this way: "Now that James Brown is gone, Jobs has to be the hardest working man in show business," he said, referring to the former soul singer's famous nickname.

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