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May 18, 2009

Sizing Up Security in Star Trek

Ira Winkler sees lessons for IT at every turn in the reboot of the old franchise.

Do Sci-Fi Films Get Tech Right?

Real-time e-surveillance? Absolutely. Genetic engineering? We're well on our way. Warp engines? Not so much.

Using Social Networks to Find an IT Job

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can save you from drowning in a sea of anonymous résumés. 3.1: The Next Generation

A significant step ahead for this free open-source alternative to Microsoft Office.

Hands On: Windows XP Mode Does Work, but Is It Worth the Trouble?

Windows 7's much-touted XP Mode will let you run legacy apps, but only if you've got the right hardware and the patience to set it up.

May 11, 2009

How Facebook Mucks Up Office Life

Managing a workforce was already a challenging job before Facebook and other social networks raised a host of sticky new situations.

Opinion: 10 Game-changing Technologies

The iPhone caused a tectonic shift in the tech landscape -- what else out there will change our lives? No. 1 on our list: sensor technology like this microscopic prototype from Hewlett-Packard.

Digital Lit: How Technology Is Changing What We Read

Tech enthusiasts are coming up with new ways to read, like Aya Karpinska's "zoom narrative" for the iPhone, "Shadows Never Sleep."

Hands On With Windows Server 2008 r2: Admin Tools

The new Windows Server 2008 r2 release candidate includes PowerShell cmdlets that let you manage Active Directory quickly and efficiently and an administrative console that exposes the power of those cmdlets to more graphically oriented users.

Q&A: Craig Mundie on the Next Big Thing for Microsoft

Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer talks about the next wave of client and cloud computing.

May 4, 2009

Noncompetes Done Right

Don't sign away your future. You do have rights. Just know what you're signing and what your employer is really trying to protect.

Privacy-Information Services: The Free, the Cheap and the Pricey

Those who need to keep their companies compliant with privacy regulations around the world can find sources of information to fit any budget.

Review: Jawbone Prime Headset

The latest iteration of Aliph's Bluetooth headset is lightweight, stylish and efficient.

15 Easy Fixes for Mac Security Risks

How safe is your Mac? Maybe not as safe as you think. Here are some quick ways to beef up security.

Hackers Need Not Apply

General Dynamics should have known better than to run a "hackers wanted" ad. Ira Winkler wants to know why anyone would think that hackers can do the jobs of security professionals.

Now That's Old School

Eleven skills and tactics that every programmer once needed to master -- and today can blissfully forget.

Review: Windows 7 RC1 adds speed, UI improvements -- and promises more to come

Microsoft's next OS adds speed, UI improvements - and some truly weird wallpaper.

Hands On: Windows 7 on a Netbook

Microsoft has said that any version of Windows 7 will run on a netbook. We try it with Windows 7 Ultimate.

Review: Iogear MiniView KVM Switch

This four-port switch can save you money by letting you share peripherals, audio and high-end displays among multiple computers.

Blog Spotlight

iPhone Customers Unlikely to Stray

Apple recently sold the 1 billionth iPhone app. Now that they're hooked, Apple's mobile customers are less apt to be tempted by Microsoft's upcoming ZuneHD, suggests Seth Weintraub.

Too Many Desktop Linuxes?

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is a big Linux fan, but even he admits that the market may be segmented against itself. The list of desktop Linuxes goes on and on, and maybe that's one of its biggest problems.


Computer Possessed by Galactic Signals

An industrious employee is surprised one day to find his computer performing sensor sweeps of nearby star sectors. It wasn't a screen saver, he insists, and he doesn't have SETI@home installed. Has he entered The Twilight Zone?


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