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July 27, 2009

Review: Office 2010 Technical Preview

No 'wow,' just solid improvements.

Top 11 Things to Learn From Twitter Security

Most importantly, Google Apps isn't ready for prime time.

What Web 2.0 Can Learn From Online 1.0

CompuServe, Prodigy and AOL have a lot to teach today's online communities.

Keep Your Stuff in Sync

A guide to online data syncing services.

Review: High Def at Low Cost

Three small, inexpensive cameras let you record HD video without lugging around a camcorder.

Review: Keep All Your Social Networks Up to Date

Three tools make it less of a hassle to post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all your other social networks.

July 13, 2009

The Lost NASA Tapes

A Mac Pro and 40-year-old tape drives are helping restore the original Lunar Orbiter tapes.

Rise of the Cybersquatters

Domain-name poaching can be costly for businesses in terms of lost revenue and damage to a brand's reputation. But trademark owners are pushing back.

Opinion: You Say 'Shameful Secret,' I Say 'Privacy'

Multinationals may need to shift gears on how they talk to their employees about privacy if they want to lock down their offshored data.

Energy-Efficient Servers Earn a Star -- But So What?

The EPA's Energy Star program for servers is a good first step, most agree, but it measures energy use only under limited circumstances and does not include popular hardware types, like blade servers -- at least not yet.

Context-Aware Mobility

How can context awareness paired with mobile devices change your world? One way: Employees can save time by more quickly finding goods on warehouse shelves or supplies buried in storage closets

Hands On: Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows file classification lets administrators set up rules that apply and enforce classifications to data stored on the network, whether it's by file type, name, location or other criteria. Then Windows can automatically apply policy according to those classifications.

This Old PC

We show you how to make a tired old desktop PC better than new with a few easy and inexpensive upgrades.

Blog Spotlight

Sharon Machlis: Google OS: 7 Thoughts

Google is jumping into the operating system business, taking on not only nemesis Microsoft but also the idea that applications are typically made to run on the desktop. Here are some thoughts on how this might change the desktop landscape.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: London Stock Exchange to Abandon Failed Windows Platform

In September 2008, the London Stock Exchange collapsed because its Windows-based electronic trading platform, TradElect, completely failed. Now, under new leadership, the exchange will finally do away with its fatally flawed Windows system.


I Never Did That Again

A good program is nothing without an agreeable interface. But an error message that was supposed to be funny drove this technophobe to tears, convinced that the computer hated her.


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