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August 24, 2009

Windows 7: A Closer Look

Now that Windows RTM is in the can, what is the final verdict? Is it worth upgrading?

Windows 7: Going High-end...

The time is right to start putting together a system that will make Windows 7 shine -- without breaking the bank.

Windows 7: Just How Low Can You Go?

Microsoft outlines fairly modest minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7. But we found people running the new OS on much lower-end hardware, from an underpowered netbook to a seven-year-old "white box" PC.

Desktop Multiprocessing: Not So Fast

Not every application can be reprogrammed for multicore architectures, and some bottlenecks will always remain. Here's why.

Review: 4 'Large' Netbooks

Are they better, or just bigger?

16 Great Back-to-School Gadgets

What the well-appointed college student will be carrying this year.

August 10, 2009

Windows 7: To Upgrade, or Not to Upgrade?

We give you four reasons to do it soon and four to hold back

Data Centers Go Underground

For Continental and Marriott, abandoned mines and military bunkers offer a subterranean safe haven from hurricanes and other threats. But will more enterprises follow?

Opinion: Irresponsibility Runs Amok at Black Hat, Defcon

Our new columnist Kenneth van Wyk has no patience for researchers who give vendors very little time to patch vulnerabilities before they tell the world about them.

Review: Windows Server 2008 R2 RTM

It's the best version of Windows Server to hit yet, our reviewer says. But this 64-bit OS isn't a good fit for every Windows shop.

The Incredible Shrinking Data Center

To help save costs -- and help the environment -- a growing number of enterprises are downsizing their data centers.

Review: 3 NAS Devices

Network-attached storage is no longer for enterprises only. We look at three of the latest desktop devices.

Mobile Phones Help Fight Hunger in Kenya

People are using text messages to send and receive cash to buy essentials, especially food.


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