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September 21, 2009

Which Net OS Will Rule the Enterprise?

Sure, familiarity with Windows counts a lot in the risk-averse corporate world. But cost, Google's Chrome OS and cloud computing may tip the balance in favor of Linux yet.

Your XP-to-Windows 7 Upgrade Path: Buy a New PC

With no reasonable upgrade route to XP, the only way most users and businesses will get Windows 7 is by buying new PCs.

Open Source and Medical Records

The open-source VistA health records software may yet prove a huge hit.

6 Easy Laptop Repairs

A step-by-step guide to fixing broken keys, frayed power cables, noisy fans and other damage

Review: Norton Internet Security 2010

The latest version of NIS looks much the same, but offers a new reputation-based security strategy under the hood.

Review: Can the Zune HD Close the iPod Gap?

Microsoft's Zune HD offers some useful features that could make it compelling -- for some users.

September 14, 2009

The Unspoken Truth About Managing Geeks

Opinion: The stereotypes that lump IT professionals together are misguided. It's actually the conditions that surround the IT pros that are stereotypical, and the geeks are just reacting to those conditions the way they always react -- logically.

Even AT&T Says AT&T Can't Handle The iPhone

Opinion: Users have complained all along about Apple's exclusive iPhone agreement with AT&T. Last week, AT&T itself started complaining, going so far as to blame its iPhone users for its lousy service. So, Mike Elgan asks, why did AT&T want the iPhone deal so badly to begin with?

How to Get Your Green IT 'Cred'

You can parlay what you already know, in areas as diverse as business intelligence and asset management, into "green-hot" areas. But you need new skills as well.

Review: Dual Monitors, Multiple Views

The innovative InterView display has a clever stand that lets you arrange two monitors in a variety of clever ways.

Career Watch: Millennials, make the most of this recession

Author Bob Jennings thinks the youngest members of the workforce will emerge from the deep economic funk with new skills.

September 7, 2009

Review: Apple's Snow Leopard Opens Door to a Fab Future

Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers a slew of hidden advances, including increased speed and efficiency. And the combination of OpenCL, 64-bit mode and Grand Central Dispatch lays the groundwork for big advances to come. At $29, it's a steal.

Which Apps, Utilities Have Been Left Behind?

Like any new OS, Snow Leopard has left a few applications behind. We look at some of those that don't yet work and offer a few alternatives.

Upgrading to Apple's Snow Leopard OS: What You Need to Know

With Snow Leopard, Apple has made the Mac OS X upgrade process as painless as possible. We walk you through the steps.

What's the Real Deal with 64-bit Computing in Snow Leopard?

Bloggers are claiming this is not a true 64-bit OS. Columnist Ryan Faas cuts through the confusion.

Web OS: Still in the Early Stages

Internet-based interoperabilty, security, backup -- all are on their way.

Personal Spy Gear: Is It Ethical? Is It Legal?

From disguised video security cams to GPS tracking loggers, personal security is going high tech. But these gadgets bring up a host of sticky ethical and legal questions.

More George Tillmann columns: Aligning IT with the business Is Not Enough

IT's clients demand it, but what value does it hold for its consumers?

IT Services Account Managers: Planning Globally, Acting Locally

Disenfranchisement, not centralization, is what bothers users most about dealing with IT. Account managers are a way to address that.


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