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October 19, 2009

How the iPhone Works

You probably already know and love the technology -- such as the touch screen and he accelerometer that detects the device's orientation. Here's a closer look at how some of the coolest features inside the iPhone work.

Virtualization: Tips for Avoiding Server Overload

Vendors overpromise, the boss demands ROI, and now you're saddled with wildly impractical expectations of how many physical servers you can cram into a virtual machine.

Getting a Grip on Multivendor Virtualization

Segregating vendors into "buckets" works for only a little while; at some point you'll need to figure out how to manage all of it cohesively.

Why Application-Layer Defenses Belong in the Applications

Opinion: Intrusion-detection tools might seem up to the job of stopping SQL injection attacks, but they aren't.

Browser Wars Redux

The top 5 contenders duke it out.

The Pros and Cons of Windows 7 for Business

Opinion: With the launch of the new OS just three days away, IT organizations are running out of time to make their plans.

Windows 7 to Go

New notebooks and netbooks that are being built around the new OS.

A Case for Easy SSD Installation

Review: The NZXT Lexa S is a mid-tower box that makes it simple to convert a 3.5-inch bay to accept two 2.5-inch drives.

ARMing Desktop Linux

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Linux may be the desktop underdog, but on netbooks, Linux was once king. That time can come again -- provided processor company Arm chooses to play along.

Why Has Ray Ozzie Failed at Microsoft?

Preston Gralla: Ray Ozzie, the creator of groundbreaking software such as Lotus Notes and Groove, has been a bust as Microsoft's chief software architect.

Big Red Button

The old data center had buttons next to each door to automatically swing them open. The new data center had buttons, too -- but not for opening doors. Here's how one user learned the difference.

Windows 7 Rollout

For the latest news and advice on Microsoft?s new operating system, head to our special Windows 7 section.

October 5, 2009

WiMax in 2010: Too Little, Too Late?

WiMax is finally making wide-area wireless broadband a reality in many cities -- but another technology is fast encroaching.

When It Comes to IT's Customers, One Size Does Not Fit All

Opinion: Take a lesson from corporate marketers and segment IT's customers, says a former CIO.

Hands-on: Microsoft's Office Web Apps

Microsoft's online competitor to Google Apps looks good, but lags in some significant features.

Office in a Bag

If you do most of your work out of the local Starbucks, consider taking some of these devices with you.

For Better Tweeting

Review: Get a lot more functionality out of Twitter with one of these tools.

Slashing IT Maintenance

In a down economy, some shops are cutting where it really counts -- maintenance -- and are hoping for the best


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