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December 22, 2008

Mobile CPU Buyer's Guide

Buying a new laptop? Not sure which processor to get? Our comprehensive guide to the current crop of mobile CPUs, specifications and prices can help.

Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 Adds Speed and Privacy

Review: This newest version of Firefox includes private browsing and more speed via the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine -- two features that indicate Mozilla is on the right track.

12 Fabulous, Freaky and Functional iPhone Cases

Need a last-minute holiday gift? How about an unusual protector for your loved one's most valuable gadget? Check out these fun and intriguing iPhone cases.

10 Ways Apple Can Make the iPhone a Killer Business Device

Opinion: The iPhone's origins as a consumer device still leave a number of challenges for enterprises that want to use it.

Which Operating System is Best for Solid-State Drives?

Believe it or not, Windows 2000 is the speed demon when it comes to using NAND flash memory.

December 15, 2008

Review: 3 Tiny Projectors Light Up The Big Screen

Astonishingly small and light, the newest microprojectors can lighten a mobile worker's load considerably. But do these pocket projectors measure up in the conference room?

Elgan: We Need a Mobile Broadband Space Race

Opinion: We put a man on the moon. Why can't we have fast, nationwide mobile broadband?

10 Ways to Slim Down and Speed up Your Mac Now

Apple has indicated that its upcoming operating system, Snow Leopard, will be sleeker and faster. But with a few simple steps you can get at least some of those results with your current version of Mac OS X.

The Debate Resumes Over Mac Security

Opinion: A revised Apple support doc told users to run antivirus apps; then it was yanked.

Survey: The Best Privacy Advisers in 2008

Jay Cline conducts his most thorough survey yet. In its third year, the survey has begun to show trends in the industry.

Looking For Product Advice?

Search the Computerworld reviews database by category (such as laptops, desktop applications, personal technology and wireless devices), product name, date and more.

Blog: Evil Holiday Offerings

Blog: Are the video games the devil's playthings? A conservative investment group offers its advice on how to keep the Antichrist out of your Xbox this holiday season. Dan Tynan has some other ideas.

Blog: No Kindle for Christmas

Amazon has run out of every book lover's favorite Linux device: the Kindle. But, there are other choices like the Sony Readers, suggests Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols.

Blog: Which Google Projects Will Bite the Dust?

Thanks to the recession, Google has begun killing projects that haven't made it financially. Preston Gralla examines which ones have already been deep-sixed --- and which ones should be.

Unforeseen Circumstances

In the current economy, IT firms are experiencing a workforce reduction. But sometimes, the powers that be don't think through the consequences of letting certain key personnel go.

December 8, 2008

Moving to a Startup? Fasten Your Seatbelt

There's a world of difference between corporate IT and the tech culture at a start-up. Four execs who made the jump tell you to expect long hours, little structure -- and, just maybe, greater job satisfaction.

Too Good to Ignore: Alternative Browsers

There are a number of solid, interesting Web browsers available that may be as good -- or better -- than market leaders such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. We put six of them through their paces.

10 Great Bluetooth Gadgets

Go ahead, cut the cord. These cool and useful Bluetooth accessories help with everything from making hands-free calls and printing photos to typing e-mails and controlling presentations -- all without wires.

The New MacBook Air, Now With Extra SSD Goodness

Review: If the first MacBook Air was a revolutionary take on the Apple laptop line, the new version is an evolutionary advance that offers a noticeable speed boost and better storage options. And the top-end model is a lot cheaper than it was when it debuted in January.

Elgan: Why You Can't Trust 'Friends' on Facebook

Opinion: Social networks like Facebook and MySpace are subject to new, more dangerous opportunities for fraud, writes Mike Elgan, and you would be well-advised to verify every friend.

Class of 2009 Yearbook

A photo gallery of the year's Premier 100, along with personal tidbits from this year's honorees.

Premier 100 Honor Roll

View Premier 100 IT Leader alumni from 2000 to 2009.

December 1, 2008

2008 Holiday Gift Guide

From the practical to the ridiculous to the insanely expensive, here are some ideas for just about everyone on your list.

FWIW — The Origins Of Net Shorthand

John Brandon tracks down the first recorded uses of some common Internet initialisms. Some of them may be older than you are.

Femtocell FAQ

Will you really be able to get your own personal cell phone tower someday soon? Perhaps, but there are still a lot of questions about the devices, better known as femtocells. We answer 18 of them.

Wikis That Work

Wikis are shedding their free-for-all reputation and getting down to business. We found four IT shops that are tapping the technology to transform some of their internal processes.


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