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February 23, 2009

The Storm in the Enterprise

BlackBerry's newest model is poised to give other smartphones a good run in the enterprise because it can be centrally managed by IT with software that implementers already know. But there are challenges, users say, and testing is key.

The Doctor is ... YOU! Online Medical Symptom Checkers Examined

Are online symptom checkers at health Web sites helpful or harmful? We tested medical diagnostic tools at WebMD, and more, and asked doctors to weigh in as well. Here's what we found.

5 Power-Line Devices That Take You Online Where Ethernet or Wi-Fi Can't

Review: Power-line devices, which connect you to your router via your home electrical system, can be good alternatives to wireless and wired connections. But how well do they really work? Bill O'Brien tests five and reports on his results.

Online Dating: The Technology Behind the Attraction

Ever wonder what powers sites like eHarmony, Plenty of Fish and We peek under the covers at online dating sites.

February 16, 2009

IT's Role in Reining in Energy Costs

Is it time for IT managers to add 'energy czar' to their list of responsibilities? Google, Yahoo and other early adopters explore the options.

VoIP Goes Corporate -- and Saves Users Plenty

Making the move can be expensive, but customers say the flexibility and additional features are worth it.

How Google Latitude Locates You

FAQ: Multiple wireless technologies help Google's new Latitude service pinpoint your location.

Project Management for Networking Geeks

Here's a crash course in project management for network professionals. These tips just might help keep your next network upgrade on track.

'The Nerds Are Going to Tell Me How to Make Money?'

Opinion: Former CIO Al Kuebler looks back, recalling that the best lessons are delivered under pressure.

February 9, 2009

Mobile Tech 2010: Five Trends That Will Change Our Lives

The next two years will bring a slew of advances for mobile workers. Here are five that will make life on the road more productive.

Will Apple's App Store Change the Desktop App Market?

Opinion: It worked for the iPhone, so maybe it could work for other devices. Ryan Faas wonders.

Interactive IT Layoff Tracker

Search and sort Computerworld's database of announced staff cuts at technology companies.

Who Owns the Code? Beware Copyright Pitfalls

Unless you plan ahead, collaboration with an outside developer can muddy the waters in all sorts of ways.

3 NAS Devices Offer Big-Time Storage for Small Networks

Review: If your storage needs are heading into terabyte territory, you may want to check out these network-attached storage units.

From our Storage Security Spotlight

(Editor's Note: Both these links are to sites other than

Take the Storage Networking Industry Association's storage security self-assessment quiz and evaluate how well your stored data is protected. Plus, brush up on storage terms with SNIA's online glossary.

Find additional resources from SNIA's Storage Security Industry Forum, such as storage security best practices, a guide to securing data at rest and information about a career as a storage security professional.

February 2, 2009

What the Web Knows About You

What information is available about you in cyberspace? Where does it come from, and what risks does it present? Computerworld's Robert L. Mitchell set out to see just how much he could find about himself online. What he discovered is frightening.

Review: Internet Explorer 8 RC1 -- Almost Ready To Roll

Release Candidate 1 of Microsoft's IE8 offers faster performance, better searches, more security and enough stability to be truly useful.

How to Protect Your PC Against the Downadup Worm

FAQ: The biggest worm in years hit 9 million PCs in just two weeks, but you can fend off attack with these tips.

Building a Better Spam-Blocking CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA used to be an easy way for Web administrators to block spam bots. Then it became an easy way for malware authors and spammers to do their dirty work. Can CAPTCHA technology be repaired and redeemed?

Advice to the Next Homeland Security CPO

Q&A: Hugo Teufel, outgoing CPO of the Department of Homeland Security, talks to Jay Cline about his team's accomplishments and the challenges ahead for his successor.

Cloud Computing and Compliance: Be Careful Up There

If you're in an industry that requires regulatory compliance, and who isn't these days, it pays to check out your cloud vendor thoroughly before you leap. Here are some things to keep in mind, specifically for SAS 70, PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Mike Elgan: How Could Screw Up eBooks

On February 9th, Amazon will announce an updated Kindle eBook reader. The company is in a great position to control digital books the way Apple controls digital music. But they could still screw it all up. Here's how.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Being Anti-Linux is Bad For Your Business' Health

In the current economic crisis, proprietary software companies are trending down in a hurry, while open-source companies are actually prospering. Just compare Microsoft and Sun to Red Hat and Novell for proof.

Preston Gralla: Why Apple Disdains Netbooks

Every PC maker on the planet loves netbooks because they're the fastest-growing segment (and the only growing segment) of the PC market. Everyone loves netbooks -- everyone except Apple, that is. Here's why.

Shark Bait: Flush Twice -- It's a Long Way to the Management Offices

There are smart places to store your corporation's server, and there are not-so-smart places. One company learned which one the men's room was.


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