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May 9, 2011

Do You Need a Tablet Policy?

Some IT shops have formal enterprise deployment strategies that address everything from security to app delivery and support.

Free Tools for Data Visualization and Analysis

Got data? These 22 useful tools can turn it into informative, engaging graphics.

Hosting Virtual Desktops

An in-depth look at what you need to know.

Appliances for Faster Web-based Apps

Application delivery controllers are a great way to speed things up. Be careful of overbuying, though, and consider which approach to take. INSIDER (Registration required)

February 7, 2011

When Trusted IT People Go Bad

One rogue IT employee can do more damage than an army of hackers. Here's how three companies could have better protected themselves.

2011: Year of the desktop app store?

Apple's Mac App Store is only the latest effort to make finding and installing software on your computer as easy as it is on your smartphone.

3 Personal VPNs Offer Safer Wi-Fi

VPNs-for-hire can secure your laptop at public hot spots.

Ongoing Coverage on Egypt

Keep up with the latest news about the turmoil in Egypt from a tech perspective.

May 10, 2010

Corporate E-mail in the Cloud

The business version of Google's Gmail is drawing the attention of enterprise Exchange customers. Citing simplicity and savings, a few have already jumped ship. But some have held back -- and at least one switched back. Here's why.

That Cup of Coffee Could Cost a Lot More than $1.50

Workers are leaving themselves, and their corporate data, open for the taking every time they use a hot spot. Here's how some shops are approaching the issue.

On the Road with the iPad: Can You Leave the Laptop Home?

Writer Mitch Wagner tries to use Apple's iPad as his only computer during a five-day business trip. Is the iPad up to the job?.

The iPad 3G: Is the Extra $130 Worth It?

The new version of Apple's tablet delivers 3G connectivity, but there are trade-offs.

The 8 Best iPad Apps -- So Far

These useful iPad apps will let you watch streaming movies, manage passwords and more.

April 19, 2010

How the iPad Works

Get details about the iPad's speedy processor, wide viewing angle, long battery life and more.

How to Sell IT Outside of IT

Less is more when it comes to bang-up business presentations. Here are five tips for better tech talks.

Avatars Rising in the Enterprise

Virtual worlds are finding a niche in the workplace for such as training, simulation and prototyping.

10 Must-have Firefox Extensions

These add-on programs will help you work smarter without leaving your browser.

5 Must-read Books

Keeping up with the latest on virtualization, green IT, SOA and other important IT subjects can be a challenge. These books will help.

Multitenancy in the Cloud: Why it Matters

Don't make the common mistake of believing multitenancy is the same as multiuser. Heres what you need to know, and why.

April 5, 2010

Office Technology: Productivity Boost or Time Sink?

Gadget-enabled multitasking is so addictive, it might actually be damaging the economy.

How to Develop an Effective Capacity Planning Process

These nine steps can help you get a handle on matching technology infrastructure with demand.

HTML 5: Less Than It's Cracked Up to Be

Opinion: Behind HTML 5's hype is a half-baked standard with the most important questions it was meant to address left unanswered.

Microsoft Turns 35: Best, Worst and Most Notable Moments

An opinionated look back at the good, the bad and the ugly of Microsoft's 35-year history.

Run Windows Apps Without Windows

CrossOver Linux 9 expands the number of Windows applications you can run on Linux, and makes it easier than ever.

10 Must-Have Free Palm webOS Apps

A smartphone is only as good as its apps. Here are 10 free ones to supercharge your shiny new Palm phone.

Computerworld 2.0

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March 22, 2010

When IT Projects Founder, Emotions Run High

Conflicted feelings are common when big tech projects go awry. Group hug, anyone?

IT Gives Windows 7 the Green Light

After taking a pass on Vista, organizations are ready to commit to Microsoft's new OS. Major rollouts are planned for this year.

Maybe Users Aren't So Funny After All

Opinion: Perhaps instead we need to start doing things differently, so that every computer user isn't required to be a security expert.

Moving to the Cloud: Big Savings, but Plan Ahead

Sure, savings are possible, but you have to think about efficiently migrating data to the cloud, meeting compliance demands and avoiding software licensing snafus, among many other issues.

Underrated Computing Threats You Need to Know About

Think your PC is completely protected? Not necessarily. There are some hidden dangers out there you may not have thought of.

USB 3.0: The New Speed Limit

The first devices using USB 3.0's SuperSpeed spec are now hitting the market. We try out a few to see how fast they really are.

Apple's Mac Mini Server 'Ideal' for the Small Office

It's inexpensive and easy to set up and use.

Here Come Linux's iPad Clones

The IT world is abuzz about the Apple iPad, launching April 3. But Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols prefers to wait for the cheaper, open-source alternatives on the horizon.

Microsoft's Embrace of the Cloud Is Not as Wholehearted as Ballmer Claims

Steve Ballmer is heavily promoting Microsoft's support of cloud computing. But Microsoft doesn't truly embrace cloud computing, as evidenced in its upcoming release of Office 2010, observes Preston Gralla.

I Want a Mac Mini on Steroids

The Mac Mini is Apple's most affordable desktop Macintosh. Seth Weintraub thinks it could maintain that reputation while offering even more punch.

Computerworld 2.0

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March 8, 2010

Talk Your Way Into a Raise, Even Now

On paper, IT salaries are frozen. In real life, there are still ways to get a raise. Here's how.

Tap the Wisdom of Employees -- and Save Big

Your people can help resolve problems in creative ways. Just ask Pfizer; the giant pharmaceutical firm has saved $20 million with new processes and products brainstormed by employees.

Cloud vs. In-House: Where to Run That App?

Options include public clouds and external private clouds. Here's how to choose wisely.

Open-source Hardware Takes Baby Steps Toward the Gadget Mainstream

The success of open-source software raises a tantalizing question: Could the same design philosophy work for tech gadgets?

10 Mac Tweeters Not to Miss

From tech celebs to hidden gems, our Mac expert names 10 sources whose Apple-related tweets he couldn't do without.

Broadband in Rural America: Why I'm Not Holding My Breath

Opinion: Despite promising new technologies and federal stimulus money, the rural U.S. remains the land that telecom forgot.

February 22, 2010

Leased Data Centers Gaining Adherents

The downturn has some large enterprises rethinking how they pay for new data center space. The big winner: data center facility operators.

14 Computing Tools for the Disabled

Using a computer is well within reach of the blind and the physically disabled with the help of these new and updated accessibility tools.

Alice's Adventures in Cyberland

Opinion: An app store for PCs makes sense because we can't expect every PC user to be a security expert.

Solid-state Storage Fixes Data Center Bottlenecks -- for a Price

Yes, solid-state storage is still expensive, but for speed-hungry applications, the performance boost can be too great to ignore.

Web Design and Promotion: 5 Must-read Guidebooks

Learn the latest techniques for designing modern Web sites -- and making sure visitors can find them.

Will the iPad Be Another Windows 95?

Opinion: IT needs to pay attention to Apple's latest gadget.

February 8, 2010

Cloud Security: Try These Techniques Now

From mighty six-core desktop chips to minuscule smartbook processors, here's a look at what's in the CPU cards this year.

2010 CPU Forecast

From mighty six-core desktop chips to minuscule smartbook processors, here's a look at what's in the CPU cards this year.

Help Desks Under Siege

Help desk pros are taking on more responsibilities with less assistance than ever. Will the skills they gain help them in the future? Here's hoping.

How to Cope With an Unsupportive Boss

You're ready to advance, but your manager is asleep at the switch. Here's how to get ahead without a boost from your boss.

Data Center Density Hits the Wall

Why the era of packing more servers into the same space may have to end.

Telepresence: Hold On to Your Wallet

Be prepared to fork over at least $100,000 for that in-the-same-room feeling.

January 18, 2010

Y2K: The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

The notorious Y2K bug put IT on the map -- and nearly wiped out its credibility. Ten years later, we remember the upsides, the downsides and how techies rang in the new millennium.

IT's 5 Big Security Mistakes

Opinion: We've always been terrible in IT about learning from our mistakes. This year, let's do better so we don't keep repeating them, urges Kenneth van Wyk.

SOA Grows Up -- and Out

Broadening adoption of service-oriented architecture requires more planning, better management tools and more effective measurement of what's working -- and not.

Firefox 3.6 RC Gives New Life to an Old Browser

Review: Firefox 3.6 is almost here, and if the release candidate is any indication, it's looking mighty good.

Social Media Marketing: 5 Must-read Books

Still pondering social media marketing? Time to get smart with these 5 essential books.

Conficker Worm Just Keeps On Coming

Security Manager's Journal: Without a comprehensive patching program in place, it's hard to keep PCs free of malware.

January 4, 2010

2010 Outlook

Keep up with the latest news, opinions and forecasts on how this year is likely to unfold -- plus, browse a collection of stories highlighting top trends of the year gone by.

IT Careers: Retire? How About Never?

IT retirement is a newly distant dream for fifty- and sixty-something techies grappling with tanking 401Ks, rising health care costs and a hypercompetitive job market.

A Sweet Deal: How Tasty Baking Co. Moved its Data Center in 13 Hours

When Tasty Baking Co. moved its data center, everything went very smoothly, and a low-tech tool proved a surprise hit.

Opinion: The long and winding road of governance shortcuts

When business units circumvent governance in order to fast-track projects, the result is almost always a major slowdown.

Opinion: An app store for all?

Apple has made it work for the iPhone, but can that model be expanded to cover the world of desktop PCs?

Review: 4 All-in-One PCs Sip Energy, Save Money

These all-in-one PCs save not only space and money, but electricity too. You could save up to $60 a year over a regular desktop computer.

December 21, 2009

A Pandemic Dress Rehearsal

QL2 Software conducted a one-day swine-flu test-run to make sure all its headquarters employees could work from home, and it found a few problems.

The Year Ahead in Mobile

Opinion: We'll see mobile services and fewer platforms, but Microsoft's will be among those that stick around.

E-mail Overload (or Status Emailicus)

Opinion: When e-mail gets in the way of getting things done, it's time to reconsider how we handle it.

Expecting Common Sense at the TSA Defies Common Sense

Opinion: And punishing individual employees is the wrong response.

The Long Road to 802.11n

Here's the back-story of one of the longest ever technology-standard wars.

Desktop Virtualization: Will Windows 7 Change the Game?

Some will bite, but widespread desktop virtualization adoption is still years off.

December 7, 2009

Cool stuff: Your 2009 holiday gift guide

We asked what you wanted for the holidays, and you answered. Here are the best HDTVs, e-readers, smartphones and some surprise goodies to wrap up for yourself or anyone on your list.

The unspoken truth about why your IT sucks

Opinion: Organizations that do IT better than you don't have more money or talent. They have a definition of what IT is that is understood throughout the enterprise.

Netbooks in the enterprise: Get ready

Netbooks are coming, and companies need to figure out how to handle security and what to do about the consumer operating systems many of the devices come with.

Open-source virtualization: Who's biting?

Despite its fans, the overall market for open-source virtualization remains tiny, though it's growing.

Opinion: In depth with Snow Leopard Server

Ryan Faas digs in to explain the new networking, performance and collaboration options in Apple's Snow Leopard Server.

Security Manager's Journal: A fresh start

Our manager has been battered by the economy, but he's landed on his feet again and is ready to make a difference in a new job.

The hackability of the smart grid

Opinion: The smart grid opens the door to mischief and terrorism disrupting the power grid, says Ira Winkler.

November 16, 2009

Open-Source CRM and ERP

The ROI can be compelling, as can the ability to tweak the code.

5 Ways to Improve Web Site Uptime

You can't fix the Internet, but you can tap these techniques to improve uptime for your company's Web site.

Torments of the Internet Damned

Sure, it's cheaper to run applications off the cloud -- when our Internet connection is working. When we have network problems, though, it's another story entirely.

SharePoint's Feet of Clay

Opinion: The collaboration tool has been a rare bright spot for Microsoft lately, but that might not last.

Beware Droids in the Enterprise

Opinion: Android 2.0 and the first device to use it, Droid, have a certain coolness factor, but that's not what corporate IT is looking for.

Want to Bone up on Wireless Tech? Try Ham Radio

Abundant spectrum resources, loose rules and an engaged research community are drawing wireless experimenters back into a hobby that many had given up for dead.

November 2, 2009

The Cloud Forecast

Early adopters that are now focused on building and managing private clouds are planning for a hybrid future that includes the public cloud.

Windows 7: Corporate Customers Bullish

Many companies that eschewed Vista will go straight from XP to Windows 7.

The Case Against Biometrics

If you think it's difficult to restore a stolen identity now, wait until your identity is tied to your fingerprints or other biometric data.

Avoiding Death by E-mail

Corporate e-mail was supposed to save us time and increase productivity, but instead it's suffocating us. Here is one CEO's solution to the problem.

Think You Don't Need Buy-in?

The reward for arrogance is to know you're right as you go down in flames.

5 Ways to Overclock a Netbook (Really!)

Didn't think hardware this tiny could be tweaked? We explore five ways to turn netbooks up to 11.


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